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Importance of Going Green

Want to make your home eco friendly? Want to reduce your growing costs of energy? Look no further than getting your building constructed by an environment friendly construction company. Environment friendly construction not only helps to conserve the environment but also makes sure that less energy is required to both heat and cool your building. This energy conservation also reduces the adverse impact on our environment and also ensures that your energy bills are less heavy on your pocket.

More and more, people are now looking towards getting their homes to be more eco friendly! There is no doubt that the environment friendly construction is a bit more expensive than normal construction, but the extra amount you will spend in the construction phase will be more than compensated, by the amount you would save in the maintenance of your home.

The amount saved is naturally a result of reduced energy spending. This is because green buildings have a tight envelope which ensures less energy is lost to the atmosphere. This would mean that if you want to heat your home, less heat would flow out of your house, and the same would be the case if you want to cool it down. Both will ensure lesser energy requirements and lesser carbon footprint.

What is Eco-friendly Construction?

There is no doubt that more and more people are now turning towards environment friendly construction. But you would be keen to know what constitutes a green construction? Green construction intends efficient use of resources like water and energy. Moreover, green construction ensures that waste products generated in your building are either recycled and reused or disposed off in a manner that does not degrade the environment.

Efficient use of resources and management of waste are the results of a green construction. In order to construct green buildings, mostly natural and easily recyclable and accessible materials are used. Moreover, your building would be built following the principles used by nature in maintaining its eco system. Eco friendly constructions also include solar panels or other energy producing mechanism to so that your building fulfils some of its energy requirements on its own! These are just some of the trademarks of a green construction. If you are looking to get yourself build one, you are at the RIGHT place!

E-Contracting A Leader in Green Construction

We, at E-contracting are the leaders in green construction. We know how to build the most environment friendly buildings, which are sustainable in design, architecture and maintenance.

We have an entire team of experts ranging from those who are specialists in green and sustainable materials to those who know everything about eco-friendly designs and constructions.

We are committed to bringing the latest technology in energy conservation, insulation and production of renewable energy into the field of construction. With us, you will understand that we treat our buildings as organisms, capable of sustaining and managing themselves!

You are making the BEST decision of your life by trusting us and choosing us to construct your building in a way that is BEST for you and the world!

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We deliver the most environmentally friendly constructions!

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TestimonialsPeter M. Borg, Office Electronics

We requested E-contracting to build us a house that is green and self sustainable. They have done a brilliant job in making it only using natural materials. It really is a masterpiece and one of the most beautiful houses, I have ever seen.

TestimonialsPaulina C. Turner

I consulted these guys to build us a home that is environmental friendly. Now our home consumes lesser energy and we are able to recycle many of our things. We also produce our own solar energy to meet some of our energy needs. These guys have done a tremendous job!

We have earned the respect of our customers by consistently delivering them constructions that are the MOST environmental friendly and sustainable! Read what they have to say about us!